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Return Policy

About 7-Das Shopping Guarantee and Maintenance:

a) If the product has any problems and needs to be replaced or returned, you must make a request according to our replacement policy.

b) You must submit a replacement request to us within seven days from the day you sign for the product, and you must meet the following conditions:

(i) The returned product must include the complete product packaging, all the items in the packaging (product, parts, accessories, user manual, warranty (not filled in)), gifts and discounted gifts;

(ii) The product to be replaced must have no damage, pattern marks, traces of being wetted or damaged by liquids.

**If you fail to meet the conditions, the company will have the right to reject the application for replacement or return. **

c) Customers must visit our store in person or return the product by express delivery (the cost shall be borne by the customer). If the product has a quality problem and needs to be replaced after our inspection, the product will be rescheduled to be sent (the shipping fee will be borne by us).

d) Only the products of the same model and color can be replaced (if out-of-stock products, other colors or products provided on this website can be arranged to be replaced).

e) The seven-day shopping guarantee does not apply to personal care products, other products involving hygiene issues, or individually designated products.

f) When replacing the product, you must show the purchase record and hand it to the relevant colleague of our company.

g) If it is a Hong Kong licensed product, the product maintenance and guarantee are the responsibility of the agent. The product maintenance rules are determined by the agent's policy. During the warranty period, you can contact the agent to arrange repairs. Please refer to the product warranty certificate or check with the agent.

h) The company also maintains some parallel imports. The detailed terms and conditions have been listed in the product content.

i) We have the right (without obligation) to modify, edit or make changes in any other way to these terms, conditions and any information at its absolute discretion without prior notice.

j) Any replacement request not made in accordance with the methods specified in (a-j) above will be deemed invalid. We reserve the right to refuse any invalid and unreasonable replacement request.

k) In case of any dispute, we have the final decision.

Last update date: July 10, 2021