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Delivery & Pick up

【Local delivery service and delivery fee】

a) We can choose SF Express as our delivery service only. For regions/locations that support delivery, please visit the official website of SF Express.
b) Free shipping is available for purchases over $300 on our website, if less than $300, sim card category + $13 ,other categories + $30.
c) Because it is not the direct transportation of our company, please confirm that the package box is intact before receiving the goods. The goods are damaged after confirmed receiving the goods, our company will not be responsible.
(Our colleagues in the packaging department will use enough protective materials for packaging)
d) We will not be responsible for any delays or failure to complete delivery due to accidents, traffic conditions, weather conditions or other reasons.
e) If you need to change your delivery address, you can notify us to apply to SF Express for the change (the additional cost incurred must be borne by the customer). If you want to arrange the delivery time, you can contact SF Express by yourself.

【Pick up at the store】

a) If you choose to pick up at the store in the order, we will confirm with you by email when the product has been arranged (when the order status is changed from processing to confirmed, it means that the customers can pick up at the store during business hours).
b) When you pick up the product at the store, please show the order confirmation email for the staff to check, and you must sign the [Confirmation Letter] to protect the interests of both parties.
c) Customers please make sure to pick up the products at the store within 14 days (the first day when the order form is changed to confirmed) If you have some reasons to take longer to pick up, please email or call our customer service within 14 days.
d) If 14 days have passed since the date of collection, it means that you have waived the right to collect the product. We have not to make any refund or replacement, please pay attention.
e) To have a better service experience for customers, when individual designated products are picked up, they must be opened and checked on the spot before they can be delivered to customers for signing.
f) After the customers signs for the product, the product should be deemed to be of good quality and undamaged.

Last update date: July 10, 2021